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Please Provide Details of Your Event:

Do you mind if we can tag you in the posts? Please provide your Instagram info if you wish to be tagged. If you wish for us not to post any photos of your event please let us know and we will respectfully not post any photos.

What color backdrop would you like? (see samples in the Photo Booth tab)

What is the start and end time of the Photo Booth?

What is the event theme/colors? Is there a hashtag for the event?

What would the title of the photo template read?

We can provide a memories book with all the photos taken from the photo booth. We can print duplicates and paste them in a book and have your guests write messages to remember forever. The cost would be $75 if you supply your own book or $100 if you want us to use our album. The size of the book is 12x12 and you would just need to tell us what color cover you want and what color pages you want (white or black). We will supply the pens, markers, glue, etc. Here are a few samples:

We can provide address and name of the venue if posible. Please let us know if you or your venue can provide a 6-ft table for props? Also please add any additional information that you feel is important.

Thanks for submitting!

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